About Us

John Kelly is the Owner of Kelly Hudson Properties, Main Street, Newbridge and is in business over ten years now!

With a strong customer focus and a commitment to service and innovation, Kelly Hudson Properties guarantee you professional and friendly service at all times by being readily available to talk through your needs and most importantly being your eyes and ears at your property.

We pride ourselves on our integrity as well as our excellent service, local knowledge and no non-sense approach to doing business with you at an affordable price. 

We are committed to building strong relationships and always focus on the client's best interests when it comes to their property needs. By insisting on implementing high standards from all our staff, we strive to ensure that our clients are provided with quality advice and exceptional customer care.



  • We know property inside out! Drawing on a wealth of experience at all levels we offer comprehensive and independent advice on all aspects of Residential property in County Kildare.
  • TOUGH TIMES BUT WE ARE STILL SELLING! We could not let you forget about our proven track record in House Sales as it is still impressive in these tough times.  But as we said already and we will say it again – “It is tough times but we are still selling”
  • We would like to invite you to talk to us about selling your home. We will offer you excellent advice and we can assure you we have what it takes to sell in today’s market.
  • You will be guaranteed the:
    • Best price for your property
    • Best service
    • Best turnaround time to sell your property


Discover how easy it is to save time and money by using the right Agent to rent and manage your property.

Our wealth of experience in the management of both Commercial and Residential property we are in the unique position to offer diverse range of professional property management services for clients.

Our aim is to become the provider of choice for unrivalled professional property management services.

We have the skills, experienced management and specialist knowledge serving the needs of landlords and tenants.

We also deal with lease renewals and rent reviews acting both for landlords and tenants.


  • Irish Property values have become an increasingly common topic of conversation in recent years.
  • But just what decides how much your home is worth? There are a number of factors which determine house prices, some are logical, based on economic theories and population density and some are based on more intangible factors, like the feel of a neighbourhood and expectations.
  • We have the knowledge and know the key factors which effect property prices and how they are determined.


Commercial Property Agency Advice & Transactions are as follows retail, industrial, offices, investments, developments

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