Tips on buying

THINK WISELY BEFORE BUYING A NEW HOME. A new house is probably the most important and most expensive purchase you will make. The main question is “can I afford it?” It is very important therefore that you do your homework to ensure that you are buying a house in an area that you are happy with and that it is up to the quality and standard that you require. The following are some tips on buying and checking that the house that you want is your dream house:

  • List the features that are essential to you on a daily basis, for example, being near public transport or close to schools etc.
  • Write down the 10 most important features in order and decide which ones you can do without.
  • Write down all the areas, towns, which you will consider living in & of course taking into account affordability.
  • How long do you intend living in the house?
  • Is there room for extending the house?
  • Will you be happy there in three to five years?
  • How far is the house from your family and friends?
  • Will the house suit everybody in your family?

Having researched these issues, you can move ahead and look at potential houses in your chosen area. The following are tips for determining the overall quality of the house before you commit to considering purchasing a property:

  • The Structure – From a reasonable distance vantage point, look at the house.
  • Water Control – Is there any evidence of water damage?
  • The Roof –Does it look neat and properly applied?
  • Details – Do you see signs of quality workmanship in the finish details, such as mouldings, tile work, hardware and paint?
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures – Are sinks, toilets and tubs quality fixtures? Do they work properly?
  • Electrical System – Are the number of locations of power points adequate for the needs of the house? Is the current safe? Is the house fitted with a burglar/fire alarm? All of these issues must be thoroughly checked
  • Plumbing – Has the house got central heating? Is the plumbing up to standard and is there good water pressure? All of these must be checked.
  • Insulation – Look in the attic for insulation and try to establish if the walls have wall insulation.

If you find a house that you like, it is then most important that you have the house surveyed by a qualified, experienced professional surveyor who will offer independent and impartial advice on the house that you propose to buy. By having the house surveyed by a professional, you will know exactly what you are buying. The surveyor will also give you an indication of what it will cost to put any problem right.

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