Tips on selling

FIND THE RIGHT AGENT! This is the first thing you need to do when you decide to sell your house. Kelly Hudson Properties will explain the benefits of different sales methods, the best way to advertise your house, and perhaps some small changes or improvements to maxamise your selling price.

A well presented home says "welcome". Your home will be one of many on the market at any time. You need to present your home in such a way to get the best price within a set time.

Presentation counts. Experience shows that vendors who make this extra effort usually achieve a quicker sale and, in many cases, a higher price. Look at the home as a buyer would.


  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. Stand on the footpath and check the overall view of the yard, fences, driveway, windows, doors, roof and walls.
  • HAVE ALL MINOR REPAIRS DONE. Ensure sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs, faulty plumbing, peeling paint are all in order. Make sure gates open easily, the door mat is clean & in position & the doorbell works.
  • PICK UP PAPERS AND RUBBISH. This should be done around the entrance & also clean windows.
  • ARRANGE OUTDOOR FURNITURE ATTRACTIVELY. This gives a look of leisure. Remove any laundry from the clothes line.
  • ENSURE GARAGE DOORS ARE CLOSED. This looks tidier.
  • TIDY THE FLOWER POTS. Have the plants healthy and watered. Trim shrubs and mow lawns, including the footpath, clean out sheds. Toys and garden tools should be stored. Clear the gutters, clean windows and glass in doors.
  • GO FOR A WALK. If you own a dog take it for a walk during viewings. Ensure dog bowls etc are out of sight.


  • SPRING CLEAN YOUR PROPERTY! This creates space & maximizes the selling potential. Take it room by room & get rid of any clutter that you have been meaning to clear away.
  • ENSURE ALL AREAS ARE CLEAN & FRESH. Ensure all fixtures & fittings are clean and take any marks off the wall. Clean all tiles especially in the kitchen & bathroom along with any worktops. Remove any items belonged to pets.
  • PLACE HEALTHY PLANTS & FLOWERS AROUND THE PROPERTY LIKE IT IS A SPECIAL OCCASION. The main areas to consider are the hallway, kitchen & bathroom. This will give your property an edge over other properties competing for attention.
  • CARRY OUT REPAIRS. Repair leaking taps, oil squeaking doors, fix loose or broken tiles.
  • LET SOME LIGHT IN! Raise blinds & open curtains & windows to let air & light in.
  • ARRANGE THE FURNITURE. Arrange in such a way to make the room look big & easy to walk in. Leave plenty of time for this to be done.
  • PLAY SOME SOOTHING MUSIC! Have some soothing music softly playing in the background. Turn off all TV’s & radios.
  • PUT VALUABLES AWAY. Any personal items should be put away in a safe place.

REMEMBER… If a prospective buyer asks questions about the home or neighbour, answer directly and honestly. Questions about the transaction should be referred to your agent. It is best to leave your house during viewings. Be prepared at all reasonable times to allow your agent to show people through your home.

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