Why Choose Kelly Hudson

  • We have a mutual objective:
    • To sell you’re home…
    • At the highest possible price
    • In the shortest amount of time
    • With the most favourable terms
  • We have a huge client base which includes loan approved clients & investors looking for a particular type of property.
  • We advertise year round in all the local newspapers, radio, nationwide events, festivals & myhome.ie website, so properties benefit from increased exposure.
  • We Offer selling tips to sellers that are sure to increase the value of your home
  • Our staff provide a top class service and obtain the best prices. They work tirelessly in and out of work hours and at weekends to offer the best service you require. “We expect to work hard for everyone who uses our services – after all we don’t expect money for nothing!”
  • We have phones and we always answer them! If you leave a message, we get back to you, so you can call us whenever it suits you! Yes, that INCLUDES evenings and weekends!
  • We can also answer your queries on any property-related services – from mortgage-broking and life assurance to surveying and valuations – all in a straight-forward, no-nonsense way.
045 430336